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Sharon McNally

Certified Heal your Life Practioner/Teacher 

Qualified Montessori Teacher

I am passionate about people and I have always been a teacher. I have always believed that my calling and purpose has been to teach. I originally taught adult sewing classes as I studied fashion design and then I opened my own Montessori school and taught children for 18 years. Once I sold my Montessori school I went on in 2013 to do the Louise Hay teacher training course. 



I've dedicated my life to teaching, running my own school in Cape Town and one in Moscow.  As a qualified Heal your Life teacher my greatest passion is to motivate people to reach their fullest potential by realizing that they are the script writers of their lives and they can create the life they want to live, through consciously choosing to do so. Through indivual or group sessions as well as during the workshops and retreats we examine your belief system and how it has created your life. We then uncover the root cause of most of your issues and challenges which is lack of self love. I then equip you with various tools and techniques to begin to love yourself, and as you do so your life begins to change in ways you cannot even imagine!


Spreading the message of self-love, because if we do not love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to? That our thoughts and words are creative and literally create our lives. Science has finally caught up to this understanding. Louise Hay taught this back in the 1970's, and she has been proven correct by scientists who conducted an experiment called the split screen experiment during which sub atomic particles changed their behaviour while being observed.


The power of words whether written or spoken even affects all living things plants and even water responds, as proven by Masaru Emoto who conducted extensive experiments on water and ice.  Through prayer with a group of people the water in the Fujiwara dam in Japan was cleansed and purified.He proved this by first taking a sample and photographing the ice crystal which resembled a persons face in agony and suffering. They took another photograph of the water after the prayer and the ice crystal was sparkling with a halo in the center. Since we are made up of 70% water imagine just how much our own negative internal dialogue affects every atom in our bodies.

I will give you a roadmap to follow in order to create a better, more meaningful and fulfilling life. As you learn to love yourself and you consciously commit to make much needed changes, you will see major shifts not only in your inner world but in your outer world.

All you ultimately have control of is yourself, as you work on your issues and challenges the people, situations and circumstances in your life change in almost miraculous ways too!


From My Heart to Your Heart I send only love. What is love?

It is Lifting Our Vibrational Energy to Heal Every Atom & Release Trauma from our lives. 

My  Journey to Wellness

My personal journey with Louise started at a time in my life when due to ignoring my own intuition and inner voice I stayed on in a situation which was no longer in my best interests. I suddenly found that I was struggling with extreme and debilitating exhaustion and getting through my busy day with three children was becoming challenging for me to manage. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and struggled with pain and an inability to sleep even though I was exhausted. I was prescribed a plethora of drugs and received cortisone injections. I was hospitalized for a week for total bedrest due to exhaustion. My condition declined quite rapidly soon after the diagnoses and my husband was told I would probably "end up in a wheelchair." 


I have always been an extremely active person and I took my high energy levels and ability to do in a day what most people take a week to accomplish, for granted. Having no energy and being unable to manage a few tasks a day spiralled me into depression for the first time in my life. My world shrunk to my bedroom and I was being left out of my own life.

My children started tip toeing around the house so I could rest and sleep. On one of my good days I went to a second hand bookshop and as I was looking at the books on the shelves out fell the book You can Heal your Life by Louise Hay. I bent to pick it up and read the cover and knew it was no accident that the book fell off the shelf. It was exactly what I needed. I bought it and read it from cover to cover that night and again the next day. I made the decision that I could and would Heal myself through commiting to learning to truly love myself. The first lesson being to to listen to my inner voice, or as Louise likes to say, "YOUR INNER DING".

I went on to study to become a Montessori teacher and to open my own pre-school. I divorced my husband and changed my life completely.

When I closed my school I was searching for the next chapter and when I found the advert for the teacher training I literally jumped for joy! Being authetic and true to myself is a principle I live by, and I knew that finding the advert two days before the course started was no accident, just like the book falling off the shelf was no accident, I felt so guided, like this was exactly where I was being led all along. That suffering with the fibromyalgia was part of the plan, so I could tell my story with true conviction, having overcome it through using the very tools and techniques I teach you to use. Louise cured herself of cancer and I cured myself of Fibromyalgia and reclaimed my health.

              IF I CAN YOU CAN!    

The Law of Attraction in Action


Claudine attended an abundance workshop with her daughter during which we created

vision boards. Shortly thereafter they left to visit a friend in Europe and while on holiday she sent me the following message.


As you know I had radomly cut out pics for my vision board and glued them onto the board at the workshop.

"When i arrived in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat it  looked like the area on my vision board. I asked Karen who I'm staying with, if she recognised this red house from my board", ( I photographed my completed board and have it as my screen saver) and she pointed it out to me from her veranda, it's directly across the bay from her house! She said "Madonna had stayed there".

Shortly therafter I received another message -

"We've had a great 2 weeks in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Monaco. One of my daughters pictures on her vision board was of a buiding with two towers which we saw in Monte Carlo!" 

I sent the the following reply -

"Wow! The law of attraction at work in the strongest way possible!

I love that both of your visions, hopes and dreams are being materialized! Yippee!!!"


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