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Sharon McNally- Heal Your Life Practitioner
Certified and Licenced by Louise Hay and Hay House

My mission in life is to stir a flutter in your heart which becomes a breeze, a gale and then a storm raging within you to live a life so full of joy, love, delight and passion that others who see it are ignited too!  

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I am perfectly imperfect. All my imperfections are unique to me.

Too many people today are living lives of quiet desperation wondering if this is all there is. You start out life as a young person determined to be a success, make a difference, start that business, write that book, take that trip, have an adventure but all too often the life you are living is not the one you dreamt of or thought you'd have. Life happens, people need to survive, you take that job you don't really want, just to pay the bills. You settle for less than your dreams and pretty soon you stop dreaming and just settle. 

Then you stop looking at yourself in the mirror, you avoid examaning your life. You convince yourself that you have a good life and that you have a lot to be grateful for and that there are people who have much worse lives than yours. Slowly but surely your deep unhappiness shows up as an illness or an accident, or you work too much, spend too much, or have an  affair, get divorced, become depressed, become an  angry person or become a victim. All of this we do to fill the aching emptiness inside us. We have a longing and sadness we can't name. That emptiness is a longing for a connection to ourselves, a longing to experience self-love, self-approval and self acceptance. Your life is crying out for your attention. Your inner voice is constantly communicating with you, however very few of us listen.

When you decide to commit to your own happiness and healing by doing the inner work and making the decision to LOVE YOURSELF your life changes in the most incredible ways. You really have the ability to create the life of your dreams.

You are the love you seek.  

Change Your Thoughts and Words and You Change Your Life!

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Your Greatest Self.


"Love is the great miracle cure.

Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives."

Louise Hay

Sharon McNally


Sharon, thanks so much for for your encouraging style of facilitation. You have a natural gift  of intuition and wisdom. Your courage and warmth facilitates personal growth and creates a safe environment to explore and share feelings.

I know our group was small, but i really enjoyed the itimate setting and you are very effective in having the 'personal' touch. I would definitely recommend the smaller size of the group.

I had the song " I love Myself " STUCK in my head for days! The benefit of that is awesome i found myself singing it in the mornings  - which just helps to affirm the positive changes.

Kirsten Helm


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Thank you so much for being part of our 2017 Wellness Convention!

We received such positive feedback  from your session (motivational talk) with many teachers saying it was the " highlight" in their feedback forms.

Janna Kretzmar

Earthchild Project Director





Congratulations on making the decision  to start living your best life. I invite you to go ahead and book a complimentary half hour introductory session with me, during which i can guide you to one of my services which will best suit your needs. I can offer you private sessions, group session, workshops or retreats.


"Love of self and love of life connects us with the prosperity of the Universe. Self-love creates self-expression and allows us to be creative in deeply fulfilling ways."


Louise Hay 

For anyone looking to set positive intentions for thier life, and work on inner self-talk, I recommend Sharons Heal Your Life Course. Sharon's understanding, warm and bubbly personality makes for a excellent teacher.


Alexa Helm 






For two years I was searching for a new way and how to move forward from the past, and the Louise Hay- You Can Heal Your Life- workshop came in divine timing for me.

Sharon's ability to be a healing channel in her gentleness and softness with my negative and positive emotions and creating a safe space for me to express, made me feel at ease with the process.

I would recommend this workshop and Sharon as a healing teacher to anyone who feels they are in a transition season in their lives.


Janice Jacobs


Sharon provides a safe and loving space in which to let go and transform old limiting beliefs and patterns, and provides tools for establishing new and uplifting ways of being.

I'm glad to have had the experience.


Francoise Lempereur 




Who is Louise Hay?


Louise Hay was a self-help pioneer, author and the founder of Hay House Publishing which published her many books. The most famous of her books, You can Heal your Life, was on the New York times best seller list in 1988 and again was back on the best seller list 20 years later in 2008.  Hay's healing techniques, affirmations, positive thinking and mirror work have inspired millions to improve their lives.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1977 and by applying her own tools and techniques and focusing on good nutrition she was able to cure herself. Many regard Hay's as ''The Queen of the New Age" for her pioneering work that created an awareness of the body/mind connection.


Her  philosophy included the fact that EVERY THOUGHT  YOU THINK AND EVERY WORD YOU SPEAK  CREATES THE LIFE YOU HAVE. There are many different healing modalities that also base their teachings on this philosophy. 


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You are the love you seek

"I Believe I am wonderful and life is a Joy." 

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